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Put it in ure mouth, spit it out, put it in ure mouth again, YEAH u like thut dont u XD

hehe nice short i liked it =D made me laugh...wich is rly hard for any1 to accomplishe..but yea thx for the short dude :D

haha xP

damn this song is catchy xP
i so wud download this 1 ^^

nice work,oh yeah did u make tha song ?

GooD :)

now i wounder.... is tha nightmare still over?

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BIG* Ok comon problems is the save feature ive lost everything..... 2 TIMES

BIG* the lag even with a good graphics card

MINOR* some bugs including when the guys parry or block: lets say that they have a bottle on their hand and when thay parry and block it turns into a machette and turns back after the block really fast

plz do fix this because i sense this game has such potential and if u do this game rly deserves 5 stars :)

keep up the good work tho :)



Mission Completed in 12 days
and with 856.600 in cash wow


ok it was very entertaining, good idea that u can get upgrades

it woud be fun if u added a Free to do option so u can play as much u want to get highscores and the u cud add a highscore table

graphs: well it whas some good grapsh not the best ones but original
sounds: sounds well u cud put some more <:)

well thats all i can think off keep em coming :D

DRx out...

awsome :)

its a awsome game many pieces good sounds awesome grafs ....
keep it up i hope u do a 2nd one ^^

graph 10/10
sound 9/10

overall 5/5

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:) good

lol remmeber me? xP

the piano is good :P
sounds basshunterish
it gots good potential :D

dont the score lure u...the score dosent mean ure track is bad some guys envy potential :D

keep it up ill rate 5 stars :)

btw cud u review mine? :P it gots few reviews

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/407509

its awesome :3

jag älskar låten :D


it does got some nice elements :)
and i do wonder what vsti u use :D

and yea i wud dance 2 this >:3

keep it up


its great :) so dont listen 2 the one below me

i like the power (rly havent listend 2 the original) but i kinda enjoy this 1

the bass is good
the kick is excellent..
but it kinda gets repetetive...
but anyways....a club, some weed, wud get me crazy on this xP

...but i find... i think u shud lower the mid eq on the bass a bit...i dunno its a feeling im getting O,o...but its just me xD

anyways good job :3


Chimy727 responds:

hehe thanks dude!
Idk what that kid is trying to say but, I get you! it does get repetitive! I couldve spent more time but ah well just a simple practice project to build skill and experience!

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i Love u :D

damn i remmeber this from my childhood +.+
it wud have been cool if u had drawn sparks besides him ;o or something glowing up giving a difrent light besides him..but its just me xD

love the way u drew him...he looks damn grown up now :D
and the surrounding has alot of work to

has a magical feel too it....

and let me say...i think its my FIRST art review :O

lol :P thx for the awesome spyro pic... u rock girl XD


i clicked on this right away uz im a gex fan :3

well i played the 3rd one and loved it ^^, like the pic...and btw..are they gona do gex 4? :O

Merol responds:

Yeah, I played the third one first too, it was awesome!!
They have to make Gex 4 or I'll be pretty mad at them.

im a happy dude whit much time on his hands..so i get crazy whit FL studio just for the lolz x] .i wud love to b a mixer or anything of sort..but to achive thut im needing lots n lots years of practise...cud u plz listen to my tracks n review them plz =D

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